Quantum Software Engineer (m/f/x)

Permanent employee, Full-time · Frankfurt, Munich

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Quantagonia, a leading Quantum Computing company, seeks a Quantum Software Engineer. Founded by experts in HPC, optimization, and algorithm development, we offer an exciting opportunity. If you thrive on challenging problems in classical and quantum domains and value speedy code deployment, join us!
We understand that the title "Quantum Software Engineer" can be interpreted in various ways. At Quantagonia, we define this role as combining extensive knowledge of quantum algorithm design with a strong foundation in classical software engineering practices. This role contributes to our mission by bridging classical software engineering with the quantum world.
  • Invent and implement abstractions to simplify the development of quantum circuits.
  • Work on quantum domain-specific languages (qDSLs) and Quantagonia's cross-compiler endeavor.
  • Contribute to quantum code synthesis approaches.
  • Collaborate with the applications team to analyze customer code and create customized quantum algorithms, integrating them into classical application codes.
  • Optional: Take part in research projects on the subject and publish your research within the academic community.
  • ...and have a lot of fun doing all of the above!
Naturally, you will have the opportunity and time to learn on the job and grow into a central piece of our young and ambitious team. In addition to that, we expect a certain degree of self-reliance through, e.g. proactively taking up issues from the backlog and coordinating with the product owner to integrate your changes into the production environment.
Generally, we expect a successful applicant for this position to be a hands-on practitioner of quantum algorithm design and implementation with a solid background in computer science and software engineering.
  • MSc/PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, or related field involving software engineering and discrete mathematics.
  • Familiarity with key quantum algorithm building blocks (QPE, QFT) and their integration into established algorithms.
  • Experience with major Quantum Computing Frameworks (preferably Qiskit).
  • Proficient in working with classical code bases, including contributions to open source projects.
  • Some familiarity with NISQ quantum computer development processes through personal simulator experiments.
The ideal candidate furthermore has a general understanding of at least one application area of quantum computing (simulation, optimization, AI, …).
  • Very flexible working environment you can adapt to your personal needs, be it in terms of working hours or location (with limitations) - your happiness and productivity are what matters in the end!
  • Flat hierarchies with a direct and open approach to your personal development and role in the team.
  • Personal development opportunities through close collaboration with founders, world leading development experts and industry experts
  • Integration into the academic community and time off for certifications, courses etc
We prefer a hybrid working model with at least some time (think, e.g. 1 day a week or at least every second week) in our office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. If working remotely, you need to be located in an EU country.
About us
Based in Germany, Quantagonia is making advanced decision intelligence accessible to companies across the spectrum and reducing barriers to entry. This initiative allows organizations to navigate complex challenges more effectively, fostering game-changing strategic advantages. The integration of cutting edge quantum computing technology, further fosters companies to create future-proof strategic advantages. This is your opportunity to have a significant positive impact on the growth of a company, build your own skillset, and experience the satisfaction of working at the forefront of a category that will shape the future of society.
We prefer an on-site working model (e.g. remote work of maximum 1-2 days per week) in our office in Frankfurt am Main or Munich, Germany. When working remotely, you need to be located in an EU country.
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