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Quantagonia, a pioneering force in Quantum Computing, is seeking a passionate engineer and/or applied researcher in the field of AI-based source code analysis and synthesis. This is a unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and make a positive impact on a growing company. The successful candidate will be the driving force behind an automated system that infers semantics and structure from conventional code, bringing the future of computing to multi-million dollar legacy applications. Naturally, you will have the opportunity and time to learn on the job and grow into a central piece of our young and ambitious team.

  • Join Quantagonia's compiler team to automate the synthesis of quantum algorithms to replace and improve classical code.
  • Identify certain idioms in codebases across abstraction levels and apply transformations.
  • Implement a mature, state-of-the-art compiler toolchain that for this novel and exciting area.
  • Develop patterns for AI-assisted structure learning based on code idioms.
  • Help design DSLs for different abstraction levels based on your discoveries.
  • Collaborate with the Quantum Engineering team to approximate code patterns beyond current quantum hardware capabilities.
  • Contribute to open source projects and to the scientific community through our work.
Must haves:
  • 3+ years of academic or professional experience in compilers, demonstrated through software contributions or academic publications.
  • Experience with compiler technologies such as MLIR, LLVM, etc., and domain-specific languages (DSLs).
  • Proficiency in source code instrumentation and pattern-based source code classification.
  • Familiarity with both lower-level languages (C/C++) and higher-level/scripting languages (Python, Julia, etc.).
  • Ownership mindset: actively contribute to product maintenance and deliver features as per the roadmap.
  • Excellent communication skills, team-oriented, with a focus on code quality and clarity.
  • Experience in scaling up algorithms to handle large codebases and real-life scenarios.
  • Experience with source-code analysis and AI techniques.
  • Knowledge and/or experience with current quantum computing technologies.
  • Academic or STEM background.
In addition to that, we expect a certain degree of self-reliance through, e.g. proactively taking up issues from the backlog and coordinating with the product owner to integrate your changes into the production environment.
  • Highly flexible working environment: Adapt to your personal needs, whether it's working hours or location (with limitations). Your happiness and productivity are paramount.
  • Flat hierarchies: Embrace a direct and open approach to personal development and team roles.
  • Personal development opportunities: Collaborate closely with founders, development experts, and industry professionals.
  • Academic integration: Enjoy time off for certifications, courses, and engagement with the academic community.
We prefer a hybrid working model with at least some time (think, e.g. 1 day a week or at least every second week) in our office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. If working remotely, you need to be located in an EU country.
About us
Based in Germany, Quantagonia is at the cutting edge of hybrid quantum and classical computing, helping companies apply it to their businesses to create game-changing strategic advantages. This is your opportunity to have a significant positive impact on the growth of a company, build your own skillset, and experience the satisfaction of working at the forefront of a category that will shape the future of society.
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